Forage and Flirt


Your average good-time homogaysexual in Seattle lacks two crucial skills: how to find nutritious edible plants in an urban environment and how to flirt. This class combines both skills in a two hour experience that’s been described as “educational!” “fun!” and “surprisingly horny!”.

This 2.5 hour class meets second and fourth Saturdays at 10am at the Black Hole Sun sculpture in Volunteer Park. We spend the first ~1.5 hours exploring Capitol Hill, learning about indigenous land stewardship, the basics of edible food identification, and best practices in harvesting urban edibles.

For the last ~1 hour, we return to Volunteer Park to learn a simple, kind, and straightforward system to flirt with almost anyone. In a structured group activity that both includes all participants and is designed to allow you to participate up to your comfort level and no further.

This class is a good fit for you if you’re looking to meet more people, put yourself out there, brush up on your flirtation skills and put yourself out there. Shy folks often do great in the flirt school portion because of the clarity of the structure, and the fact that everyone’s doing something kinda goofy together. If you think you’d be too anxious to try something new and slightly out of your comfort zone in a small group of people who are doing the same thing, it may not be for you. Shoot me an email if you’d like to ask questions about whether this would be fun for you, or just anxiety inducing.

Prepare to walk 1-2 miles. Bring a bag to store any edibles you find along the way. A snack is not a bad idea. Brush your teeth beforehand so you’re prepared for any make outs that come your way. I like to share participants Instagrams or TikToks on the Homo Club account so you can keep in touch with folks. Let me know if you’d like to opt out.

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